Safe and Effective Weight – Loss Product

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Formulated entirely from natural ingredients such as Garcinia cambogia and Pomelo essence. Aids in burning fat, enhancing metabolism, and has no adverse effects on consumer health.


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Why is Panorama Slim so effective in weight loss?

With the exquisite combination of each ingredient, the product has been formulated to achieve optimal functionality.
Ensuring the fastest weight loss support according to the correct regimen.

Why Do Customers Trust

The Ministry of Health Licensing
Effective After Use

After 7 days:
Suppresses appetite, helps feel fuller, and reduces cravings.

After 14 days:
Reduces stress, enhances metabolism, burns more calories, and eliminates excess fat.

After 1 treatment:
Achieves a weight loss of 3-5kg. Combine with a healthy diet and exercise regimen for rapid weight loss and maintaining a slender figure.


Just one treatment have an instant beautiful figure

Reducing cravings, more effective in a diet

Reducing mental breakdown, tension and stress

Reducing excess fat, maintaining weight within a control

Reducing the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular

Reducing the metabolism of glucose into fat

Maintain steady blood sugar levels

Advanced & Modern
Manufacturing Technology

After years of exploration and research, Panorama’s professionals have successfully introduced a weight loss product with an exclusive formula and specialized functions. Alongside this, the integration of advanced technology and modern techniques in the production process ensures safety in usage, promising customers optimal effectiveness.

Currently, Panorama proudly stands as one of the enterprises that fully meets international standards:

Long-term Overweight – Obesity Leads to Dangerous Complications

Hepatic Steatosis

Hepatic Steatosis is one of the most dangerous complications. Preventing excess fat on time is crucial to avoid life-threatening risks. Additionally, the prolonged accumulation of excess fat can lead to various harmful complications such as:

Dyslipidemia, Arteriosclerosis and even Stroke. These significantly impact health and daily life.


PANORAMA is a famous company with years of experience in manufacturing weight-loss products, extracted 100% from natural ingredients, ensuring safety for use. Our products aim to provide customers with a slender and balanced figure.

The weight-loss product PANORAMA SLIM is manufactured in Vietnam. With closed loop process and strict quality control – PANORAMA SLIM is certified by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health for ISO GMP and manufacturing facility of FDA certification from the United States.

The product has received positive feedback and has assisted thousands of long-term overweight customers in achieving weight loss with just one treatment.
The product is trusted by a large number of Vietnamese customers and especially customers from European countries, the United States, Australia, Canada and others.

Customer Feedback

Since I started using Panorama Slim, not only have I lost weight, but also I feel healthy and confident. In particular, it doesn’t cause fatigue and makes me easy to maintain my diet.

Olivia Carter / Maple Street, 401 State, USA

Panorama Slim has changed the way I recognize the weight – loss process. The best part is that I don’t feel hungry while using this product and helps me efficiently control calorie intake.

Sophia Davis / Oak Avenue, Townsville, Germany

I have been using this weight loss product for about 4 weeks, and I am truly satisfied with the results. I have lost 3 kg and feel my body becoming slender. The product also doesn’t cause any uncomfortable side effects.

Isabella / Pine Lane, Spain

I have successfully lost weight without encountering any health issues. The combination of a balanced diet and this product has created an effective and sustainable weight loss process.

Ava Thompson / Hamletown, United Kingdom

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